The Essentials For An International Weekend Trip


Last summer, we were fortunate to spend two glorious weeks under the Tuscan sun. Now, as we prep  for a weekend jaunt to Milan, vibrant memories of earthy hues, balmy breezes, majestic cypress trees and sun-kissed landscapes inspire us to quit our wardrobes of wintry hues and safe blacks (to an extent!) in favor of the Tuscan palette.  What better way to shed the memory of our bitterly cold, long grey winter!

But packing for a short trip, especially one to what is arguably the fashion capital of the world, can be a daunting task and one best not left for the last minute.  There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at your destination (or worse—the airport!) without the essentials or realizing that you wish you had packed this or that.  Packing lists are, therefore, extremely helpful…and fun to make as you contemplate your upcoming adventure!

Below is an outline of our packing list for our 48 hours in Milan.

Packing List for 2-Night Trip


1 airline-approved carry-on suitcase, 1 large tote bag or sac for your plane and touring essentials, and 1 day-to-evening purse to be packed in your suitcase.



Flats or sneakers for daytime, heels or boots for the evening, gym shoes, and flip-flops (essential for walking around the hotel, and you can always ditch them before you come home!).


Day clothing

Comfy wear for the plane, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 sweaters; 4 t-shirts, 1 skirt or dress, and work-out clothes.


Undergarments and sleepwear

Undergarments (we always pack extra), socks or hosiery depending on the weather, and sleepwear.



Toothbrush, toothpaste, contact lenses and solution (always pack extras of those, too), glasses, face wash, moisturizer, and make-up (unless you’re going to a city where it’s part of the fun to stock up on cosmetics!).



Jewelry and maybe a watch. Jewelry is essential—especially if you’re traveling somewhere fashionable. You’ll be thrilled you brought that statement necklace to go along with simple jeans and a black shirt. It’s instant chic.



Light jacket, a scarf or wrap, and a hat.



Wallet, passport (take a photo of it and send it to your loved ones staying home, in case disaster strikes and you lose it while abroad), trip itinerary, guide-book, phone and chargers, camera, journal, book or e-reader; iPhone for music and headphones.